Five-point guide to the Judge Loya controversy


In the stunning "rebellion" against the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra, by the four judges who rank just after him, the case of Mumbai judge BH Loya may have been the tipping point. Two petitions asking for an investigation into the judge's death were assigned to a bench that the judges reportedly disapproved of. This morning, the four judges reportedly voiced their protest before chief Justice Misra. Judge Loya's family has alleged that his death in 2014 was linked to the only case he was handling at the time - the CBI's case of murder against BJP president Amit Shah in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter. It is a serious matter," the Supreme Court said today, hearing a journalist's request for an independent inquiry into the death.

1. Medical records show Judge Loya died of a cardiac arrest. Judge Loya's family alleges that days before his death, he was offered Rs. 100 crores as a bribe to rule in favour of the BJP chief.

2. About two weeks after Judge Loya died, the judge who replaced him in the Sohrabuddin case let off Amit Shah and ruled out a trial.

3. The family's doubts have been rubbished by officials and doctors present during Judge Loya's last few hours alive. A judge who was with him, Justice Bhushan Gavai, said there was no sign of any cover-up or mystery about how he died.

4. Justice Gavai countered the family's claim that Judge Loya was transferred to hospital in an autorickshaw and without appropriate supervision. The judge was driven to a local hospital with a court official and a judge from Mumbai, he told NDTV.

5. The CBI had alleged that Amit Shah, as Home Minister of Gujarat, ordered the extra-judicial killings of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, a petty criminal in Gujarat, his wife, and their friend who was a witness to Sheikh's killing in 2005.